About us


Pro-Found Trading is a successful and fast growing international IT distributor. We cooperate with the top producers, such as Apple, Samsung, Sony, Nokia, HTC, GoPro, Canon and others. The company provides its corporate clients with the latest and most popular models of smartphones, tablets and cameras of premium brands. Our target market has very specific requirements, which is why our product portfolio consists exclusively of physical goods.

The name of the company itself reflects our philosophy, approach to doing business and global goals:

Pro - professional team,

Found -  the best offers on the market,

Trading – commerce in a global sense.

And all along, Pro-Found Trading is a strong professional team of experts who understand the industry of telecommunication systems and know the wider market perfectly.

We pride ourself on our flexibility, ability to react to changes in our corporate clients’ needs. We provide high quality service and we are constantly improving. That is why today, Pro-Found Trading, established in 2012, has a reputation as a reliable and beneficial business partner in 34 countries worldwide. The head office is located in Riga, Latvia, on the shore of the Baltic Sea – in a strategic trade area with favourable logistics routes to neighbouring countries, Russia, CIS, Scandinavia, Western and Southern Europe. The convenient geographical location allows Pro-Found Trading to provide the highest quality logistics services by air and road.



  • To become a leading IT distributor for corporate clients worldwide.
  • To combine strategic marketing with premium products and services at competitive prices,  on time and fast shipping to create the best value for customers.
  • To build beneficial and long-term business relationships.
  •  To motivate each employee for personal and career growth and to help realize their full potential.

At Pro-Found Trading, our mission and values are to maintain a customer-oriented company with global strategic thinking and employee empowerment. We believe these are the right ingredients for expansion worldwide.

Stanislav Surskis

CEO, Pro-Found Trading



Pro-Found Trading provides logistics solutions including air freight and road transportation and offers favorable conditions to corporate clients – next day delivery to Europe,  Middle East – within 2 working days and Global delivery within 3 – 5 working days. Cargo is monitored at all times throughout our supply chain.
We provide full cargo insurance, flexible terms and competitive pricing which will cut down your operating costs and speed up stock turnover. We take care of all the paperwork and accompanying documents.




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